Ideas on Setting Your Honeymoon in Clearwater Beach, FL Resort

How to Prep Your Resort Beach Honeymoon?

clearwater4A beach getaway after the wedding event is the perfect idea that you can do for yourself. It is time to relax and have time for you after a long process of wedding planning. If you are looking for a resort honeymoon in Clearwater Beach, FL, you should be ready in every way. Here are some simple ideas on how you can get ready for your upcoming honeymoon:

Get a bikini wax.

First of all, you need to do this for your honeymoon. Why? Well, nothing is more annoying than razor bumps. You want to have a smooth and flawless skin for your first honeymoon. It is important to look attractive in this special area of your life. Additionally the hair will grow slower which would give you one less thing to worry about. It is essential to keep this in mind.

Substitute perfumes for scented oils & lotions and bring along insect repellent.

Perfume and cologne and known to attract mosquitos replace them with scented lotions and a splash of insect repellent to avoid the bites that inhibit your thorough enjoyment. This is way better to add to your list so that you can easily pack things in your bag. It is also a great alternative for perfumes which will make your beach honeymoon more fun and worry-free.


Exfoliate both your face and body. This can be a big help for you as well. You would need separate products for the two. A good exfoliator would get rid of dead cells, making your skin feel smoother whilst leaving your body moisturised. This will make you look more beautiful than ever and your partner will surely make your honeymoon days the best. So make sure that you will add this to your list before you go off your honeymoon course.

Leave behind a copy of your itinerary with family or friend(s).

Write down your flight schedule, hotel dates (and the hotel’s phone number), as well as any other relevant travel info so that wherever you are during your resort honeymoon in Clearwater Beach, FL, they will easily get to you. In case of an emergency, they’ll know where to reach you. So if anything bad happens to you, they will know where you are and where to find you easily. This is a great plan that you have to keep so that you can avoid troubles that will get in your way.

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