Los Angeles Bridal Dresses Colors and What They Symbolizes

Dress Colors and Meanings

Dress Shop4Tradition is not an excuse in order for a bride to opt for something unique and modern, especially in choosing music. In most cases, people think that the only color of wedding dresses in Los Angeles, CA is white.  However there are some brides who want to stand out and want to be the talk of the town. In modern time many designers are now working with various color in order to give a new look to traditional gowns. Each color has significant meaning.  This article will provide you with information you needed in order to choose the right colored wedding dress in Los Angeles, CA.

Below are list of colors that are commonly used for wedding dresses today:


For some people black signifies darkness and evil it is also said that black is used in order to show that you are sad, mourning, and lost. But in fashion world, black is not a tragic colors. In fact black dresses are being utilized for formal affairs. This is a perfect color if you want to make your wedding look fancy and luxurious. Black wedding dresses in Los Angeles, CA commonly associated with sophistication, power, wealth, depth, sheer, class, elegance and mystery. You may find this color odd for wedding dresses but if you will have the right design and style you will look beautiful and stunning. Black dress is ideal for those women who want to invest for something usable. Since this is not white you can always re-use it for other celebration like party and corporate affairs. Black dress is also ideal if you want to stand out and be noticed. How about getting out   of a limo with black velvet or lacy long gown? Glamorous right, as if you are going to a gala?


This color is no longer new to wedding industry but not all brides want to wear such feminine color for wedding dress in Los Angeles, CA. The color is perfect for young brides who want to look pretty and fresh. One of the most popular designers who introduce such color to wedding dress is Vera Wang. Her work is very noticeable because of the simplicity of design yet sophistication is there because of the pink color. Pink represents love, freshness, purity, femininity, innocence and sweetness. In the past few years many brides experiment this color from baby pink to hot pink.


The color of ruby which considered as rebellious and bold. This color is commonly seen in many Asian wedding. Contradict to its boldness the color symbolizes many things such as passion, excitement, love, infatuation, energy and other strong emotions.

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