How to Make Wedding Cupcakes in Houston, TX

DIY Wedding Cupcakes

In recent years wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX are replacing the traditional cakes. They are more convenient, affordable, and stylish. Often, these cupcakes are arranged in a tiered stand in a manner similar to multi-layered cakes. Just like any cakes, cupcakes can be decorated according to the theme and motif. Basically, the baker will help the couple to come up with something unique and presentable. However, if you want to add personal touch to the cupcake you can always bake it by yourself.

The wedding cupcakes depend upon the number of guests invited which means that after deciding what design and decoration you will be implemented for the cupcake you should have the exact or estimated numbers of the people who will attend the celebration. Baking wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX requires a lot of time and effort therefore if you are the one to bake these goodies you should ask help from your family and friend. Think about it, you will not just baking this dessert but also you need to decorate them.


If you haven’t done huge numbers of cupcakes you should start calculating the amount of ingredients you will need. It is also crucial that you have tray molds that can be use and huge oven. Make sure that the molds are same size to make the cupcake uniform. On the other hand if you intended to have variety of sizes you can use different tray molds. Either way you need to secure the number of trays so that you can bake them all together or by batches. You don’t need to limit yourself from rounds. You can use various design to make the wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX look lovelier.

You don’t need to stick to traditional white cupcake lining. There are plenty of colors and designs that can be used. There are also some paper linings that are edible. You can use them to amaze your guests. The frosting should match the theme and location of the venue. For example you are going to have an outdoor summer wedding. Basically buttercream will melt if the temperature is too hot. Therefore your best option is royal icing though fondant can be used too but it doesn’t create volume to the cupcake. The only downside of the royal icing is that it tends to harden but not as hard as crackers. On a cold weather you can use gooey the downside of this frosting is that it can be a little messy.

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